Deer Valley® Music Festival Accessibility

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera is committed to making all of our programs accessible to people with disabilities. It is our goal to integrate accessibility in all we do, including our programming, outreach, and overall audience experience.

For information regarding accessibility features and recommendations for your visit at Utah Symphony | Utah Opera performances, please see below or contact our Access Services Administrator, Melissa Robison at [email protected] or 801-869-9067.



This website utilizes various technologies that are meant to make it as accessible as possible at all times. We utilize an accessibility interface that allows persons with specific disabilities to adjust the website’s user interface and design it to their personal needs. To access this interface, simply click the icon in the lower right hand side of your screen.


To request additional ASL (American Sign Language) interpreters or reserve an assistive listening device, please contact [email protected] no later than 21 days prior to your ticketed event date.

Digital programs and information are available online and compatible for screen readers.


There is an elevator in the Snow Park Lodge that can carry people from the basement to the main floor and VIP dinner.


There is a small hill before the entrance to the Deer Valley Music Festival. Patrons with disabilities that make it difficult to stand in the entrance lines can sit in the tables and chairs on the patio while a member of their party stands in line. When their party gets to the entrance they may join then in line. Patrons with disabilities that need a shorter walk to the seating area may enter through the VIP entrance through the lodge.


Our ADA section is reserved for patrons who have low-vision, are blind, deaf or hard of hearing. Tickets for this section must be selected at the point of purchase.

Our venue has an I-MAG screen on the south side of the stage. Magnified live video and important messages are displayed during the event on a 20’ x 12’ Daktronics 10MM LED screen and can be viewed from any seat in the amphitheater. Occasionally artists choose not to use the I-MAG during their performance. 


Braille programs are available by advance request only. To request a Braille program, contact us at least one week in advance of the concert date.

Digital programs and information are available online and compatible for screen readers.


Patrons requiring accessible seating accommodations must request them at their point of purchase. Patrons may purchase (1) accessible seat and up to (3) companion seats adjacent to their accessible seat pending availability for a total of (4) tickets. If you would like additional friends or family to sit near you, let us know and we will do our absolute best based on availability! These seats are general admission.

Wider seats and those with removeable armrests are not available at the venue but you may bring your own chair to sit in. If it sits higher than 9” off the ground YOU MUST PURCHASE A TICKET in the ADA section of the hill. Seats higher than 9″ off the ground are not allowed anywhere on the hill except the ADA section. For sight line purposes, there is no exception to this rule.

Please note: The venue is a steep hill with several uneven areas. We do our best to make those in a wheelchair feel safe by having wheel stops available, but it is not an ADA compliant wheelchair area.


Upon entering Snow Park Outdoor Amphitheatre, you will hear music at a medium. Once the concert begins, there will be short announcements and then the conductor and guest artists may introduce music between pieces.  The concert and plaza will be full of quite a few people so if you need space or quiet, it may be good to wait until just before the concert starts to come onto the hill or enter when the gate opens.

Special performances are available during our Access to Music concerts.

Earplugs are available upon request at coat check.

The lodge is quite quiet once the concert begins if you need to step inside to get away from stimulants. It is a wonderful place to hear a muted version of the performance.

Feel free to sit along the edges of the patrons or the top of the hill to give yourself more space.

See ENTRANCE LINES for options to NOT stand in the long lines with surrounded by many people.


There are limited accessible parking places to the southeast of the Snow Park Lodge. Additional parking in the first parking lot for those utilizing the drop off/loading zone.

Drop off/Loading Zone is located directly in front of the ticket office on the north side of the roundabout on Deer Valley Drive next to the Snow Park Lodge.


If you need assistance purchasing tickets, please call 801-533-6683 or email us at [email protected].


Accessible restrooms are located on every floor of the Snow Park Lodge and in the portable restrooms on the west side of the hill.  An accessible unisex /family restroom is also located on the west side of the hill.

Merchandise and concessions are located near the stage and have wheelchair accessible counters. If you need additional service seeing the products, the staff and volunteers will be happy to assist.


Service animals are permitted on the hill. Emotional support animals, comfort animals and therapy dogs are not permitted. Each service animal must remain with its owner and be restrained. If a service animal interferes with other guests, corrective action may include re-arranging seating or removal of the service animal from the hill.