01 Jul 2019

Q & AMorgan James

How has your musical style evolved over time?

My musical style has changed and evolved about as much as humanly possible, I would say. I have gone from classical soprano to Broadway belter to singer and writer of soul music. Thankfully, I have kept up with my training and can still enjoy all these styles at once and in a healthy way.

You spent a lot of 2019 performing Bernstein classics. What did you learn from all that and what were your favorite memories?

I spent two years straight performing the work of Bernstein with symphonies all over the world, and it was wonderful. I was reminded, again and again, at how much his music unites people. The combination of styles and genre that he loved and incorporated really speaks to me (see question one). I loved singing a few lesser known works within a program of hits and introducing people to other sides of Lenny.

What advice would you give to young singers starting their careers? 

Focus on skills and process more than outcome and “likes.” Focus on your own path and not the person’s next to you. Focus on depth and personal growth, in tandem with chasing your dreams.

What is a hidden talent that you have?

I am an animal whisperer. I can also do lots of voices and accents.

What are you most passionate about?

Animals and eating a plant-based diet. And music, of course. 🙂