25 Jul 2016

Between the BarlinesUnder the Streetlamp


During the 2016 Deer Valley Music Festival, the Utah Symphony has launched a weekly interview series entitled “Between the Barlines,” which seeks to reveal aspects of guest artists’ lives outside of the music for which they are known, including things such as their backgrounds, their influences, and their non-musical interests.

Broadway vocalist Michael Ingersoll is one of the four members of the group Under the Streetlamp, which will be headlining performances of a variety of hits straight out of the American Radio Songbook. A surely electrifying evening, come experience a night of slick dance moves and your favorite Doo-Wop, Motown and old Rock n Roll hits. With Under the Streetlamp, retro has never sounded so now.

In this interview, vocalist Michael Ingersoll, one of the leading cast members from the Tony Award-winning sensation Jersey Boys, comments on everything from the very start of his musical career, to his hobbies inside and out of Broadway. With his fun and sincere manner, Michael talks about his early musical interest playing on his grandfather’s knee, his strong love for the Food Network and all things cooking, and what it’s like performing around the country.

When discussing Under the Streetlamp’s upcoming performance with the Utah Symphony, he said: “We take the music seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to talk to the audience and joke around and tell stories, and really host more of a party than anything…with our concerts, we just want to bring joy to folks, and we can’t wait to bring joy to the folks at Deer Valley.”

Be sure to listen to our interview with Under the Streetlamp here and learn more about Under the Streetlamp here.