24 Jul 2016



During the 2016 Deer Valley Music Festival, the Utah Symphony has launched a weekly interview series entitled “Between the Barlines,” which seeks to reveal aspects of guest artists’ lives outside of the music for which they are known, including things such as their backgrounds, their influences, and their non-musical interests.

Through his experiences on Broadway and TV’s The Voice, vocalist Tony Vincent has emerged to be one of America’s most dynamic modern vocalists. Enamored with early rock influences including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Tony has performed rock music extensively, culminating with Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee, where he fronted the legendary band Queen for over 200 million television viewers world-wide in 2010. For his performance with the Utah Symphony at the Deer Valley Music Festival, Tony will be performing the music of David Bowie with award-winning conductor Martin Herman.

In this interview, Tony Vincent discusses everything from his humble beginnings in Albuquerque, New Mexico to his best and favorite musical performances, including concerts alongside Ozzy Osborne, Eric Clapton, and other rock idols. Tony also talks about his journey leading up to him joining Team Cee Lo Green on TV’s hit show The Voice, including his run on Broadway’s first national tour of the Pulitzer prize-winning Rent. Besides music, Tony talks about his brief career in wine education and desires to be a high-end sommelier in New York and his dedication to the security of his family life.

When discussing his upcoming performance of the music of David Bowie, alongside conductor Martin Herman, Tony says, “This is something I’m incredibly excited about. I mentioned English bands that influenced me growing up and David Bowie is absolutely in that same camp. His recent passing was devastating to me…and when I heard about this opportunity I really jumped to it. His catalogue of material is so vast…he continued to challenge the music industry and to challenge himself.”

Be sure to listen to our interview with Tony Vincent here and learn more about Tony Vincent here.